Libya: the UN hits reset

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The new UN representative in Libya Ghassan Salamé sets out an action plan: amend the Libyan Political Agreement, a National Conference open to a wide range of players including armed groups, followed by a constitutional referendum and elections.

Living together in Tunisia

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Tunisia is rich in diverse cultures, religions and races which has made it one of the most open-minded countries in the region. Yet resistance to plurality remains, in particular among Islamist groups.

Israeli settlements bode ill for US peace-making

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Israeli settlements continue to expand. A Palestinian family are evicted from their home in East Jerusalem. Israeli banks are criticised for supporting settlements. Israeli PM Netanyahu and Education Minister Bennett say settlements will stay. Not an auspicious backdrop to US peace efforts.

Prerequisites for Peace in Palestine/Israel

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Moving beyond the cycles of failure requires engagement in a process of decolonization of Palestine, new framings and new assumptions about why this conflict persists. Only by addressing the imbalance of power and ending the Israeli occupation in the short term can future long-term solutions be discussed.