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Arab Digest is a trusted source of Middle East analysis for senior executives and policy-makers worldwide.

“Absolutely indispensable. If I’m pressed for time, Arab Digest is my first stop for objective analysis of the issues of the day affecting the Middle East. It achieves the impossible: a quick fix without sacrificing depth.”

"Arab Digest offers a very valuable contribution to the policy and analytical debate about the Arab world in the United Kingdom and beyond. By consistently engaging top expertise in specific domains, Arab Digest brings quality insights in a very clear format to the wider public. Its acute sensitivity to current and future trends mean analyses are always news-relevant and never dull."

“Timely, objective, and authoritative, Arab Digest frequently delivers some of the best analysis in the business on all matters MENA. Essential reading for practitioners and observers alike.”

“Arab Digest is my go-to source for fresh insight into regional and country trends in the Middle East and North Africa. The articles and podcasts keep me up to date on key themes and issues, and provide valuable context to current and ongoing developments across the region. At a time when regional dynamics seem to be shifting faster than ever, Arab Digest is an essential anchor in explaining and analysing events and putting them into perspective.”

“Arab Digest not only offers cutting edge analysis on most current events in the MENA region, it also covers with great nuance and using renowned experts topics not covered in major media outlets. The Arab Digest podcast is also extremely informative in helping decipher the complex dynamics in countries like Libya and Yemen, where an array of players is at work."

“Exceptionally valuable analyses – timely, insightful and cogent”

“Since the Arab Digest bulletins began I have been reading them closely. They are a unique and very valuable source of information on a wide variety of Middle Eastern problems. I would urge anyone who wants to follow events in this area to read them regularly.”

“Arab Digest offers us a level of informed commentary which is unique and much valued. It has the colour and credibility which is lacking in many of the more widely available but sterile open sources of information.”

“Illuminating commentary” which “very much helped me remain in touch with developments across the Arab world.”

“We have been thoroughly enjoying the Arab Digest newsletters, which are highly topical and exceptionally well written (and therefore a pleasure to read). The combination of accessible tone and authoritative commentary is especially appealing, and a significant differentiator from the great churn of available media commentary and analysis on the Middle East.”

“Getting your emails – love them – Just want to let you know your analysis is ‘spot on’!”

“Fascinating, well-written and spot on with its analysis.”

“The Arab Digest is an excellent product, in that the authors have a real eye for picking out the issue of the day and offering up multiple perspectives on it. I often find myself forwarding them out to my colleagues at our embassies in the region and waiting for their reactions.”

"Vital and unbiased source. Knowledgeable hosts who take no money from the usual suspects leads to refreshing clarity on difficult questions"

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