Yemen: a violence spectacular

Yemen: a violence spectacular A series of attacks on the Yemeni defence ministry on 5 December killed at least 52 people. Frank Gardner of the BBC comments ‘This is what’s called “a complex attack”, using a carefully timed combination of a suicide car bomb followed up by an armed assault.

Yemen: murder and hunger

Yemen: murder and hunger Since 2002 Yemen has been subjected to assassination of suspected al-Qa’ida terrorists by US drones as part of the “Global War on Terror”.


Yemen Reuters reports that militants believed to belong to al-Qa’ida in the Arabian peninsula (AQAP) killed about 40 people in attacks on two targets in Shabwa province in south Yemen on 20 September, one at a military camp in al-Nashama and the other in the town of Mayfaa.


Yemen Violent incidents continue in all parts of Yemen, including attacks attributed to al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and killings by US drones.

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