Reclaiming Iraq’s history

Summary: Iraq has a deep and enormously rich history that was heavily damaged by the 2003 war and occupation, the insurgency that followed and by the brutal predations of ISIS; a new minister of culture is working to try and set things right but he faces daunting challenges.

The End of Zionism?

Summary: precipitated by the most extreme government in the country’s history, predictions of civil war and the end of Zionism are being raised by both Israel’s supporters and its critics. Besides being a calamity for Jews, Israel’s collapse would reshape the global order and have far-reaching consequences in the Arab world.

GCC and UK: opportunity beckons

Summary: the UK has the opportunity to deepen trade relations with the GCC states who, even though China beckons, will need a strong counter-balance with the West to fully realise the goal of diversifying their economies away from hydrocarbons dependency.

Israel and Palestine: why Britain matters

Summary: Britain bears a significant responsibility for the Palestine-Israel conflict but successive governments have chosen to ignore that responsibility while giving strong support to Israel. A distinguished Arabist and retired British diplomat argues that has to change and the first step is to recognise the state of Palestine.

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