Hunting Hunting is part of the culture of the desert Arab. But the fauna of Arabia and North Africa was never abundant in historical times, and with guns everywhere and now the all-terrain vehicle the leopard and the oryx have been following the lion and the ostrich into extinction.

GCC: crisis papered over

GCC: crisis papered over On 17 April the Omani minister of foreign affairs Yusuf bin Alawi told the press that the crisis between Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain on one hand and Qatar on the other was over, a “temporary tempest that already passed”.


Kuwait Apart from its role in chairing the difficult Arab summit meeting last month, Kuwait has not been much in the news.

Cameron and the Muslim Brotherhood

Cameron and the Muslim Brotherhood The Prime Minister David Cameron has commissioned a review of the Muslim Brotherhood “to get a better understanding of the organisation through its philosophy, approach and influence, and what that means for Britain.”.

Now thrive the armourers

Now thrive the armourers Arms sales in the Middle East are rarely out of the news. A recent example is a Reuters report that Iran is selling Iraq arms worth $195 million, contrary to the UN embargo on weapons sales by Iran.


Obesity Obesity is a worldwide problem, associated with increased wealth, changes in modern diet and lack of physical activity in a modern lifestyle.


Women The status, problems and progress of women in the Arab world are constantly in the media, rightly so.

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