Western hypocrites and MENA potentates

Arab Digest editor William Law welcomes back Andreas Krieg of the Defence Studies Department, King’s College London and their conversation focusses on the battle that liberal democracy now finds itself engaged in as its MENA partners play the neutral card while quietly backing their ideological ally Putin in his war in Ukraine. It is an existential struggle, one encumbered with a stark hypocrisy.

Fight Island

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with investigative sports journalist Karim Zidan. Their conversation focusses on Abu Dhabi’s Fight Island where the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the UFC, has landed. Karim looks at how a sport that mixes martial arts with boxing and features men and women fighters is a fit for a conservative Gulf emirate.

Sportswashing the Middle East

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with Karim Zidan an investigative journalist covering the intersection of sports, politics, and society for a number of outlets including the Guardian, Vox Media and HBO Real Sports. Karim discusses the Saudi attempt to purchase Newcastle United, Abu Dhabi’s skillful manipulation of sport, Qatar and the 2020 World Cup and the curious links between Ultimate Fighting Championship and sportswashing in the MENA region.

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