Big Oil, the Gulf and Climate Change

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with Jim Krane, an energy research analyst at Rice University’s Baker Institute in Houston.The podcast focusses on the Gulf’s national oil companies and the challenges they and the MENA region share with the rest of the world as climate change ramps temperatures up. In the Middle East, unless temperature rise is slowed whole regions will become uninhabitable.

Yemen and a flicker of hope

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with Helen Lackner. Her book “Yemen in Crisis: the Road to War”, published by Verso in 2019, is a seminal study of the current war and what lies behind it. Today’s podcast looks at the ongoing battle for Ma’rib, the failed efforts of the UN special envoy and the fragile hope that Oman’s recent intervention in efforts to get effective peace talks underway may bear fruit as the conflict grinds on in its sixth year.

Sultans of the Gulf

Arab Digest editor William Law is joined by the author and academic Christopher Davidson. He’s written several books on the Gulf, the latest, just published by Hurst, is titled From Sheikhs to Sultanism. Their conversation is about two crown princes and their transformation into regional power players. Mohammed bin Salman enjoys playing on the world stage while Mohammed bin Zayed takes a more quiet road but both have consolidated power in an unprecedented manner as they shift from sheikhs to sultans.

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