Iran/US: A temporary stay of execution?

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Any sense of relief over Donald Trump’s decision last week ‘only’ to decertify the Iran nuclear agreement should be tempered by the fact that Congress will really struggle to come up with something which will satisfy the President within the 60-day deadline, thereby reopening the possibility that he will pull the US out of the agreement in three-months time, risking a major crisis in the Gulf.

Nuclear power: Abu Dhabi leads the way

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The Korea Electric Power Corporation, KEPCO, is currently building four nuclear power plants in Abu Dhabi under a contract priced at $20 billion. The first is due to start producing by 2017. 10,000 construction workers, soon to rise to 20,000, are working at the Baraka site 150 miles west of Abu Dhabi town. The programme has been developed with full transparency, closely supervised by an International Advisory Board with strong US involvement at every stage. Dubai is more often in the headlines, but Abu Dhabi’s …