The Gulf weighs up its options

Summary: the Gulf states are seeing Washington through far different eyes than Washington is seeing them. America is playing from an old playbook, without realising that the game has changed and nowhere is this more clearly highlighted than by Putin’s war against Ukraine. 

The Arab Digest Podcast Top Ten Countdown: number 2

At number 2 in the all-time top ten is Christopher Davidson’s podcast Putin’s war plays well with MENA authoritarians which aired 1 April, 2022. Chris is an academic and author of several books on the politics and foreign affairs of the Gulf states and a regular contributor to the Arab Digest newsletter. His latest book published by Hurst is titled From Sheikhs to Sultanism.

Saudi Arabia: Playing Both Ends…

Summary: although the fundamentals of Saudi relations with the US seemingly remain solid, the energy market’s current dynamics and longer-term prospects mean that Washington can no longer depend on Riyadh to bend to its will on oil output, thereby potentially putting in jeopardy the original cornerstone in relations. 

Biden, MbS and the true meaning of realpolitik

Summary: despite the optics and the apparent climbdown by President Biden amidst claims of a resentful and rupturing partnership, Chatham House’s Neil Quilliam argues that the relationship  with Saudi Arabia though strained was never at serious risk.

A convergence of interests in the Mediterranean

Summary: Italy, Algeria and Tunisia share an energy nexus of interest that has the potential to alter the economic landscape for all three as Europe scrambles to free itself from its dependency on Russian oil and gas.

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