Morocco An article by the Saudi commentator Jamal Khashoggi published in the London-based Al Hayat and in translation on the Al Monitor website on 7 September argues that news of reform in Jordan and Morocco has been drowned out by bad news elsewhere, and that both were able to ride the “still ongoing wave of …

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Morocco Like Oman on which we commented last week Morocco is poorly served by the international and the local English-language media. Recent reports we have seen relate almost exclusively to the European (particularly Spanish and French) preoccupation with illegal migration, and the US and Western preoccupation, amounting almost to obsession, with jihadism.

“Arab citizens are now demanding rights”: the example of Kuwait

“Arab citizens are now demanding rights”: the example of Kuwait On 6 July the Kuwaiti police used tear gas and stun grenades according to the Kuwait Times to break up a march of around 1,000 protesters demanding the release of a prominent opposition politician Musallam al-Barrak, detained for questioning over allegations that he insulted the …

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Qatar: land of peace?

Qatar: land of peace? The Institute for Economics and Peace, an Australia-based research organisation with an impressive reputation, has issued its Global Peace Index report for 2014 ranking Qatar as the most peaceful country in the Middle East, but with a slightly lower ranking than in previous years.


Immigration Immigration has been high on the agenda of European/North Africa relations for many years. The main problem now is that migrants not only from Africa but also from remoter areas such as Syria, Afghanistan and South Asia seek to enter Europe through Libya and other North African countries whose borders can not be effectively …

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Road deaths

Road deaths Note by WAND: at the suggestion of a subscriber we introduce today an occasional additional feature to the WAND: a conversation point “What’s trending” which could be used in the small talk which precedes a business conversation in the Middle East. Comments welcome.


Morocco Two stories in the international media are a reminder that Morocco is linked by geography and history to Europe almost as closely as it is to the Arab and African world.

Libya: holding on

Libya: holding on The Libyan government remains weak, and security is poor particularly in Cyrenaica and the south. On 2 March protesters broke up the General National Congress, which has been obliged to move to a hotel.  A Reuters report of 6 March is headed “Western countries alarmed as Libya slides towards chaos”.

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