Israel: perfect storm?

Israel: perfect storm? Summary: three sources of pressure, separate but reinforcing each other – violence in the occupied territories, reactions to Netanyahu’s proposed nationality law, international opinion critical of Israel. Elections in Israel and Palestinian action at the UN likely.

Libya: holding together

Libya: holding together Following the removal Ali Zaidan, the interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni is likely to remain at least for a few weeks, and possibly until the election of a National Assembly to replace the General National Congress. That could be in July.

Libya: holding on

Libya: holding on The Libyan government remains weak, and security is poor particularly in Cyrenaica and the south. On 2 March protesters broke up the General National Congress, which has been obliged to move to a hotel.  A Reuters report of 6 March is headed “Western countries alarmed as Libya slides towards chaos”.


Mauritania With a population of nearly three and a half million, one of the poorest countries in Africa (despite having some oil and abundant mineral resources), Mauritania is a member of the Arab league and has recently had a slightly raised profile because of concern about security in the Sahara and Sahel countries.

Security in the Sahara

Security in the Sahara Since the French intervention Operation Serval in Mali in January and the In Amenas raid in the Algerian Sahara in which 39 foreign hostages were killed also in January there have been no security incidents in the Sahara which have caught the world’s headlines.

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