The newly elected House of Representatives (HoR) has replaced the General National Congress whose

Libya – towards civil war

Libya has reached a crisis point. Widespread and confused fighting has escalated, with casualties now quoted in the low hundreds. In Tripoli, previously calm, there has been a major conflict between forces led by militias from Misurata, Libya’s third city east of Tripoli, and those from Zintan in the Western Mountain south of Tripoli, the …

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Libya: some progress

Libya: some progress The situation in Libya remains confused and uncertain, and much media comment oversimplifies or distorts by imposing categories drawn from elsewhere, for example implying a comparison between retired General Khalifa Haftar, self-styled commander of the Libyan national army, and Field Marshal Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi.

Libya: in the balance

Libya: in the balance Reuters reports at least 20 killed and dozens wounded in Benghazi and al-Marj in Eastern Libya on 2 June where helicopters supported forces loyal to former general Khalifa Haftar against Islamist militants.


Immigration Immigration has been high on the agenda of European/North Africa relations for many years. The main problem now is that migrants not only from Africa but also from remoter areas such as Syria, Afghanistan and South Asia seek to enter Europe through Libya and other North African countries whose borders can not be effectively …

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Libya: vacuum politics

Libya: vacuum politics Since our posting of 5 May the dispute over the appointment of Ahmad Maiteeq as Prime Minister has not been resolved, and has been referred to the constitutional court; yesterday 12 May a former deputy chairman of the Transitional National Council argued that the problem is political rather than legal and that …

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Libya: confusion over PM

Libya: confusion over PM First, the article we circulated yesterday from Ynet contains an error: the sentence “The Oslo Accords were Netanyahu’s creation” should perhaps read “The Oslo Accords were Abbas’s creation”; Netanyahu was not involved, the accords were negotiated with the Labour-led government of Yitzhak Rabin.

Libya: holding together

Libya: holding together Following the removal Ali Zaidan, the interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni is likely to remain at least for a few weeks, and possibly until the election of a National Assembly to replace the General National Congress. That could be in July.

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