Lebanon: time to end the plunder

Arab Digest editor William Law’s guest this week is Lina Khatib, director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the London-based think tank Chatham House. Their conversation focusses on the political and business elites that are plundering Lebanon. Ordinary people are suffering huge deprivation, with 80% of the population now below the poverty line, as the economic crisis caused by the insatiable greed of the elites grows ever deeper.

A tale of two economies

Summary: the Saudi economy sits at one end of the Middle East table, strong, assured and buoyant and at the other end sits Lebanon with a broken economy and political paralysis that the country’s wealthy elite are in no hurry to end.

Lebanon’s parliamentary election

Summary: with a record number of independent candidates winning seats, the hold that Lebanon’s corrupt elites have over the country may be weakening but this still represents only a small step on a very long and difficult road to true reform.

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