Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Qatar and Saudi Arabia The row over Qatar’s independent policy (considered in our posting of 6 March), in particular continuing support for the Muslim Brotherhood, continues. Neither side has given ground although the practical consequences are so far limited to shadow boxing.


Atheism Atheism, like apostasy from Islam, is a taboo subject in the Middle East (as it was for the most part in Britain and elsewhere until the 19th century).

Kuwait: the new government

Kuwait: the new government The Kuwait Times reports that the newly reshuffled cabinet still headed by the Prime Minister Shaikh Jabir Al Mubarak Al Sabah (posting of 8 January) has already been sharply attacked in Parliament, with calls from traditional supporters of the government for the prime minister’s resignation.

America’s role

America’s role Today’s posting, for which we thank Conflicts Forum, departs from our usual practice is two ways: it is very long, and it is primarily about America rather than the Middle East.

Oman: unusually assertive

Oman: unusually assertive Reports that Sultan Qabus bin Said of Oman facilitated a secret dialogue between the US and Iran that culminated in the recent Geneva agreement, and the blunt statement by the Omani foreign minister Yusuf bin Alawi in advance of the GCC summit in Kuwait

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