Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence referendum: a Pyrrhic victory for Barzani?

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The Iraqi Kurds appear determined to go ahead with their referendum on independence on 25 September, despite almost universal international opposition. (Israel is a notable exception.) The result will undoubtedly be in favour but a unilateral declaration of independence the day after seems unlikely.

Iraq: Flag wars in Kirkuk

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A decision by Kirkuk Provincial Council to raise the Kurdish flag alongside the Iraqi national flag has provoked a hostile reaction from those who fear an attempt by Iraqi Kurdish leaders to incorporate the Province into the Kurdistan Region and possibly an eventual independent Kurdish state.

The New Neocons and the Middle East

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Chapter 11 of new Arab Digest / Global Policy Journal e-book argues that there are some parallels between what seems to be happening presently inside the Trump Administration and the shifting dynamics inside the Administration of George W Bush which led to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Iraqi Christians: a diminished community with an uncertain future

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Iraqi Christians have long experienced persecution and, since 2003, have been subject to repeated and severe attacks. Many have sought refuge abroad or in the Kurdistan Region. However, despite their greatly-depleted numbers, Iraq is not likely to lose its Christian presence entirely. We last looked at a Middle Eastern Christian community in our post of 8 March on Egyptian Copts (“Egypt: for the Copts Sisi is best option”). The Iraqi Christians are a smaller community than the Copts, and, since 2003, they have suffered even more. Most Iraqi Christians (around …