Iran and a very dangerous situation

Summary: with the JCPOA talks going nowhere and the Biden administration seemingly dismissive of the threat Iran poses to Middle East security whilst focussing on China and the war in Ukraine, the West may be sleepwalking towards a potentially disastrous conflagration in the region.

Biden, MbS and the true meaning of realpolitik

Summary: despite the optics and the apparent climbdown by President Biden amidst claims of a resentful and rupturing partnership, Chatham House’s Neil Quilliam argues that the relationship  with Saudi Arabia though strained was never at serious risk.

Arab Digest 2022 summer read

Arab Digest is pleased to bring you our summer reading list, with all the books written by our newsletter and podcast contributors. From deep dive geopolitical analyses, to personal essays and reflections, from fiction to a delightful children’s book, it is a MENA festival of good reads.  Today we feature seven books and tomorrow we will feature seven more. Enjoy!

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