When survival is success: regional organisations in the Arab world

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The Arab world’s oldest and most comprehensive regional organisation, the Arab League, has only very modest achievements to its name. Other, sub-regional, groupings have ceased to exist, become paralysed or are beset by internal strife. In these circumstances, simply to survive looks like success.   We are again grateful to Greg Shapland for this posting. He is a writer on politics, security and resources in the MENA region. He was Head of Research Analysts in the FCO from 2010-13 and is now an Associate Fellow at …

The GCC’s On-going Reform Saga

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Plans to reform GCC economies have come and gone with the tides of oil prices.  In order to create effective change, these countries must diversify their economies away from oil, restructure entrenched fiscal habits, and create job opportunities for nationals in the private sector.  The prospects of lower-for-longer oil prices and growing populations make the case for reform all the more urgent.