MBS’s tour – pluses and minuses

Summary: MBS visited six Arab states before and after the G20. Proof of confidence he is under no threat at home. Governments toe the line of friendship, with some rewards. Problems in the Maghreb.

US-Iran Relations: From Nuclear Deal to Renewed Tensions?

Chapter 15 of new Arab Digest / Global Policy Journal e-book considers US-Iran relations and suggests that what the US may really be seeking is to manage a sectarian ‘competitive balance of rivalries’ between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf: external

Summary: the current success of the Iranian peace offensive, the new international approach to Syrian chemical weapons and perhaps the civil war, and US withholding some military aid to Egypt implying a cooling of the alliance between the US and its Gulf allies.

Poison gas: a world policeman – or not?

Summary: following rapid developments in London, Washington and Paris on the issue of military action in Syria, President Obama has pressed the pause button.

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