Egypt, Pakistan and the military

Summary: Sisi has transformed the military in Egypt from a security institution into the sole guardian of the state but the story of the military establishment in Pakistan and the fate of Imran Khan should serve as a warning to the Egyptian president about what can happen should he run afoul of the generals to whom he has assigned ultimate power.

Rabaa: a massacre revisited

Summary: the destruction of Egypt’s brief democracy and the mass repression that has followed was enabled by the 2013 Rabaa massacre and those who supported it, among them secular liberals and leftists and a broad swathe of the Egyptian public who bought into a rabidly nationalistic narrative.

Sisi’s Resilience

Summary: Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi while presiding over an ongoing economic crisis largely of his own making still manages to retain a firm grip on power; predictions of his demise are premature.

Child abuse in the Arab world

Summary: child abuse is a huge problem but social taboos and government indifference means little action is taken; in war zones such as Syria physical and sexual abuse is  a deliberate regime weapon; breaking the taboos, providing sanctuary and support for survivors and arresting, convicting and jailing perpetrators is urgently required.

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