Egypt: the debt ride rolls on

Arab Digest editor William Law welcomes back Egyptian analyst Maged Mandour. Their conversation this weeks looks at how international finance has enabled President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to continue his mega-projects spending binge as the military tightens its iron grip on the economy and ordinary Egyptians are plunged ever deeper into poverty.

Libya Brief

Summary: in Libya current events, peace processes and diplomats all seem to be caught in a cyclical game and the country appears to have now gone the full circle, returning to the environment which existed just before the start of the war on Tripoli in 2019.

Egypt’s Sisi faces a deluge of debt

Summary: as COP27 opens in Sharm el-Sheikh, the Egyptian president is hoping that the climate crisis will give him cover to obscure the rising tide of debt that threatens to wreck the economy and bring more misery to millions of Egyptians.

Sisi and the IMF Carousel

Summary: the IMF has made a new loan to Egypt contingent upon fiscal and structural reforms. The problem is those reforms are likely to serve only to drive more and more Egyptians into absolute poverty while further enriching the military elite.

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