Dollar shortages, debts and (in)formal capital controls in MENA

Summary: roughly a quarter of countries in the Arab League, including currently suspended member Syria, are suffering from currency depreciation, a US dollar shortage and rising debt levels. Issues are being compounded by surging inflation, while in some countries (in)formal capital controls and sanctions are impacting trade and debt repayments.

Ukraine war and the Middle East

One year on from the launch of Putin’s ‘special military operation’ Arab Digest editor William Law invites the New Lines Institute’s Caroline Rose back to discuss how the war is impacting the Middle East diplomatically and politically and what a frontline attritional stalemate will mean for America’s relations in the region.

Egypt’s IMF loan: early signs of failure

Summary: the IMF has failed to appreciate how the linkage between the Sisi regime and Egypt’s military-security complex cannot be broken even as it demands changes to an economic model that continues to fail the Egyptian people while building an enormous debt mountain.

North Sinai 

Summary: despite President Sisi’s claim that an ISIS affiliate has been all but eliminated, a brutal military clampdown continues, ensuring that North Sinai’s dirty war will grind on with impoverished local communities paying the heaviest price.

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