Peak Oil: Looney Tunes

Summary: the war-induced scramble for hydrocarbons and calls from the majors for more investment in oil and gas output should not distract from an ongoing seismic shift to renewables which may advance ‘peak oil’ to as early as 2025, a scenario that will give pause for thought and serious consideration in Gulf energy states. 

GCC and UK: opportunity beckons

Summary: the UK has the opportunity to deepen trade relations with the GCC states who, even though China beckons, will need a strong counter-balance with the West to fully realise the goal of diversifying their economies away from hydrocarbons dependency.

China and the GCC

Arab Digest editor William Law’s guest this week is Gulf State Analytics CEO Giorgio Cafiero. With relations between the US and key GCC players fraying, China has upped its game seizing both economic and diplomatic advantage. But with Washington remaining the Gulf’s security guarantor, the GCC will need to tread a balanced line.

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