Algeria: Bouteflika to stand?

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The FLN (National Liberation Front) party is reported to have announced on 26 October that President Abdal-Aziz Bouteflika, 79, will stand for a fourth term in the presidential elections due in April 2014. Amar Saidani, recently appointed chairman of the FLN (National Liberation Front) and considered a Bouteflika loyalist, told Reuters Bouteflika was determined to create …

Security in the Sahara

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Since the French intervention Operation Serval in Mali in January and the In Amenas raid in the Algerian Sahara in which 39 foreign hostages were killed also in January there have been no security incidents in the Sahara which have caught the world's headlines. But there are regular reports of minor clashes and Sahara security remains a …

Algeria: the outlook

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Note: in our posting yesterday 17 July we referred to a report in Ha'aretz that the European Union has issued a directive banning financial support to the occupied territories; this report has now been confirmed though details have not yet been published – see for example Reuters at .
As foreshadowed in our posting of 8 July the Algerian …

Algeria: changing the pilot

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Reuters reports today 8 July that the Algerian President Abd al-Aziz Bouteflika, who was rushed to hospital in France after a stroke in April, is expected to return to Algeria "in the coming hours". Bouteflika is 76 and first held high office as Foreign Minister in 1963. According to a Twitter message from al-Qa’ida in the …