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In a statement on Tuesday Huthi military spokesperson Yahya Sarea said the group had used drones to target a number of United States warships in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea as well as sites in the southern Israeli resort town of Eilat

Yemen feels the heat from Gaza

Summary: the war in Gaza is casting a long shadow in Yemen where urgently needed humanitarian aid is falling far short of requirements and efforts to achieve a peace deal are being stymied in part by the US designation of the Huthis as a terrorist group.

Qatar’s Prime Minister, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, emphasising the humanitarian crisis in Rafah [photo credit: Qatar Gov]

Arab states and the Gaza war

Summary: questions are being asked about why the leaders of powerful Arab states have been reluctant to use their considerable diplomatic and economic clout to end the slaughter in Gaza and secure the rights of Palestinians to a free and independent country.

The Hamas response in full

Summary: Hamas provides a detailed response to the original Paris ceasefire proposal and offers a clear pathway to ending the war.

Thousands of people have demonstrated in Tel Aviv calling for the return of hostages held in Gaza and early elections to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [photo credit: X]

The world’s most dangerous man?

Summary: in stoutly backing Israel’s PM, the US and the UK are enabling a politician who in his bid for self-preservation is prepared to plunge the Middle East into a catastrophic regional war.

A rally in Sanaa in support of Hamas and in protest against recent US-UK air and missile strikes against the Huthis, Friday 12 January [photo credit: Ansar Allah]

The risk of Western escalation in the Red Sea

Summary: Arab Digest’s resident Yemen expert drills down on the latest escalation in the Gaza war, examining the implications for the region and the world of the ongoing Red Sea air strikes and counter-strikes between the US, joined by the UK, and the Huthis.

Bahrain oppositionist arrested

Summary: tweeting against the maritime force established by the US to protect Red Sea shipping from Huthi attacks has resulted in an arrest in Bahrain, a move that shows how nervous Gulf rulers are of popular support for Palestinians. The arrest of the Bahraini political activist Ebrahim Sharif on 20 December underlines the fear that

A Huthi military helicopter flies over the Galaxy Leader cargo ship in the Red Sea on November 19, 2023

The Gaza war threatens a Yemen peace deal

Summary: with the Huthis raising the temperature in the Red Sea in support of the Palestinian cause fragile hopes for a peace deal with the Saudis could easily be swept aside with the Yemeni people consigned once again to pay the heaviest price.

The UN General Assembly vote for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza -- 153 to 10, with 23 abstaining -- shows how isolated Israel and the United States have become.

Genocide in the making

Summary: world opinion is moving strongly against Israel as it continues its massive military assault on Gaza and from the MENA region comes a request to the UN that it deem what is being inflicted on Palestinians a genocide.

An Israeli infantry soldiers take part in a live firing exercise near the border in readiness for possible deployment across the border into Gaza on November 20, 2023 in Southern Israel [photo credit: @ahnouch_hassana]

Peace in the Middle East: a suggestion

Summary: a Jewish Canadian who has written plays about the Israel/Palestine conflict offers insights and calls for international intervention as neither side is capable of finding a road to the fair and equitable peace that the majority on both sides yearn for. 

Yemen and COP28

Summary: Yemen’s environment already challenged by global warming and severely degraded by more than eight years of civil war is in crisis but there appears to be little chance that COP28 will offer any real solutions for a country facing an environmental catastrophe.

An Israeli strike on a Gaza ambulance convoy killed 15 people on Saturday, Palestinian medics said [photo credit: Twitter / X]

Week four of the Gaza war

Summary: Rishi Sunak takes time to engage with Elon Musk on the future of AI but has nothing to say about the ongoing slaughter of civilians in Gaza.

Occupation of European Commission building in Dublin in protest at Von der Leyen's greenlight for genocide in Gaza [photo credit: @paulmurphy_TD]

Europe’s response to the Israel-Gaza war

Summary: Europe and the EU’s response to the Gaza war displays deep splits and layers of contradictions that are reinforcing the conviction among non-western populations and their leaders that a racist double-standard is at play.

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