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The Ladder of Divine Ascent Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai

Sisi’s Grand Transfiguration Project

Summary: a mega-tourism hub in the South Sinai town of Saint Catherine threatens the local Bedouin population, the environment and an ancient monastery that is a UNESCO world heritage site. 

MK Itamar Ben Gvir

Bibi and Ben-Gvir

Summary: a disturbing rise throughout the world of far right extremism is being echoed in Israel where former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is plotting his comeback with the help of racist parties.

Qatar World cup migrant death

Qatar feels the heat

Summary: with less than a month to go before the launch of the World Cup, Qatar has reacted with fury to criticisms in Western media.

Taiz Yemen

The truce in the Yemen war comes to an end

Summary: with the expiration of the truce in war-torn Yemen, full-scale fighting has thankfully not resumed but the Houthis remain very much in a dominant position as the UN Special Envoy struggles to keep the peace initiative moving forward.

Palestine funeral

Truss and Jerusalem

Summary: the prime minister has told her Israeli counterpart that she is reviewing the UK’s position on moving the embassy to Jerusalem, an action in contravention of international law and UN resolutions and one that would upend decades of British policy.

Yemen IDPs

IDPs in Yemen: an untold story

Summary: the war and the humanitarian disaster it has caused have received intermittent coverage but the story of Yemen’s 4.3 million IDPs has been virtually ignored.

Turki bin Salman – MbS’s Money Man

Summary: Turki bin Salman is the quiet money man, the consigliere, in the family business of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and his star is rising as the already immense fortune of Salman’s immediate family continues to grow and grow.

Tunisia coup

Tunisia: a referendum and a generation gap

Summary:  today’s referendum vote appears destined to cement Kais Saied’s grip on power but as the country veers back toward dictatorship young Tunisians refuse to abandon the dreams and promise of the 2011 revolution.

Aden protests

The cost of living crisis, Yemen style

Summary: the truce has stopped the fighting but the situation for the vast majority of Yemenis after more than seven years of war continues to worsen.

Martinez Abu Dhabi

Artwash: the Louvre Abu Dhabi 

Summary: an international investigation into an art trafficking ring has entangled several leading museums including the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

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