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Covid Yemen

COVID situation underlines fragmentation of Yemen

Summary: Monday’s attack on Abu Dhabi has once again brought attention to the war in Yemen but the country’s COVID pandemic has escaped virtually all international scrutiny and coverage.

Airwars Gaza

Gaza, Hamas and the IDF

Summary: Hamas uses civilians as a shield, the Israelis respond with disproportionate force and innocent people, many of them children are killed and wounded.

Prince Fahd bin Turki

Saudi Arabia: arrests continue 

Summary: waves of Saudi officials are arrested on corruption charges; a second businessman comes forward saying MbS’s “anti-corruption” crackdown means he has not been paid.

Omicron and the Arab states

Summary: while scientists around the world rush to assess the impact of the emerging Omicron variant, much of the Middle East is at a worrying threat threshold.

Saudi missile

OPEC+: Chewing the Covid Cud

Summary: while all around are rattled by the emergence of the Omicron variant, OPEC+ was absolutely right to stick to its established plan last week.

Sphinx Avenue Luxor


Summary: Egyptology is the gift that keeps on giving for Sisi’s regime both politically and economically.

MBS & Tamim

MbS and the domestic front

Summary: Mohammed bin Salman has experienced both rebuffs and successes on the foreign front but it is how well he manages domestic issues that will determine his future and the future of the kingdom.

The Rig

Saudi economy steps up a gear

As COVID recedes from the kingdom and oil prices stay steady at US$80, Saudi Arabia’s economy is responding with strong signs of positive growth.

Kuwait femicides

Kuwait’s wave of femicides

Summary: the murder of women in Kuwait in so-called honour killings exposes a political system and a society that remains largely indifferent to gender-based violence.

Corbyn Bahrain

Bahrain: price rises, prisoners and a punt in Vegas

Summary: Bahrain’s economy continues to face significant challenges; a Bahraini company takes a stake in Las Vegas real estate; and a bipartisan appeal from US senators urges the Secretary of State to call the regime to account for human rights abuses.

Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett & President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi


Summary: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi like the ancient pharaoh made infamous in Shelley’s poem, has pretensions to greatness that are driving his country down a ruinous road.

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