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Mohammed El Kurd

Sheikh Jarrah and the Goethe Institute

Summary: the Goethe Institute’s decision to remove the young Sheikh Jarrah poet of resistance Mohammed el-Kurd from a panel discussion raises further questions about free speech and the ways it is silenced.

Ukraine and the ongoing food crisis in Yemen

Summary: while the Yemen truce has largely held and there is hope it will be renewed, the war in Ukraine has exacerbated food insecurity with prices soaring for wheat and other commodities even as ordinary Yemenis, hit hard by rampant inflation, are already lacking the money to buy food.

Kwasi Kwarteng Saudis

UK-Saudi relations: the warming trend continues

Summary: following the prime minister’s meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh in March, a Saudi Shura Council delegation visits Westminster and meets with the business minister Kwasi Kwarteng to the horror of the Saudi opposition.

The murder of a journalist

Summary: the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh cannot be left to the Israeli authorities to investigate.  Only an independent body can establish the truth of her death.

Hans Grundberg in Oman

Significant developments in the Yemeni conflict

Summary: a truce is announced and a president resigns so does this mean that the war in Yemen, after seven brutal years of fighting, may finally be drawing to a close?  We thank Helen Lackner for today’s article. She has worked in Yemen since the 1970s and lived there for nearly 15 years, and has written

Algeria gas europe

Can Algeria raise its gas game with Europe?

Summary: the war in Ukraine presents Algeria with a unique opportunity to exploit its gas reserves as Europe scrambles to ease its dependency on Russian hydrocarbons.

Morocco food protest

Putin’s war and a MENA food crisis

Summary: before the Russians invaded Ukraine, food insecurity was already an issue for many MENA countries but as of 24 February a bad situation got a whole lot worse.

Kafriya bomb

How far will Putin go?

Summary: as the war in Ukraine continues with missiles raining down and a massive column of armoured vehicles heads toward Kyiv, fears are growing that the Russian president is prepared to inflict massive civilian harm in order to achieve his objectives. With the question being asked repeatedly and one that often focusses on the mental

Saudi women soldiers

Saudi women train drivers: MbS’s ultimate constituency?

Summary: Mohammed bin Salman is following through on his plan to bring Saudi women into the workforce and he is doing so at speed while making it very clear that none of the gains women have been given are a result of grassroots pressure.

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