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Binance Bahrain launch

Crypto castles in the Gulf

Summary: Gulf states are making deals with the king of crypto as they compete to establish global dominance of a market that with the collapse of FDX has significant questions hanging over it.

J Cleverly in UAE 2020

GCC and UK: opportunity beckons

Summary: the UK has the opportunity to deepen trade relations with the GCC states who, even though China beckons, will need a strong counter-balance with the West to fully realise the goal of diversifying their economies away from hydrocarbons dependency.

The UAE’s COP28 finesse

Summary: with the appointment of the boss of the UAE’s national oil company to head up COP28, critics say it’s a sell out to big oil interests while others argue the choice of Sultan al-Jaber is a shrewd and positive move.

Lord Ahmad Palestine

Israel and Palestine: why Britain matters

Summary: Britain bears a significant responsibility for the Palestine-Israel conflict but successive governments have chosen to ignore that responsibility while giving strong support to Israel. A distinguished Arabist and retired British diplomat argues that has to change and the first step is to recognise the state of Palestine.

Political Power and Environmental Sustainability in Gulf Monarchies by Tobias Zumbraegel

Not so green

Summary: a new examination of the environmental efforts of Gulf hydrocarbons producers shows that behind the talk of a green agenda there is little of substance to stand up their claims to be onside with the struggle to save the world from environmental destruction.

Greek MEP Eva Kaili in Qatar

Qatar and a Brussels scandal

Summary: a full-fledged scandal has erupted  in the European Parliament, one that involves EU politicians, a suitcase jammed with euros and, allegedly, Qatar.

The Ladder of Divine Ascent Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai

Sisi’s Grand Transfiguration Project

Summary: a mega-tourism hub in the South Sinai town of Saint Catherine threatens the local Bedouin population, the environment and an ancient monastery that is a UNESCO world heritage site. 

MK Itamar Ben Gvir

Bibi and Ben-Gvir

Summary: a disturbing rise throughout the world of far right extremism is being echoed in Israel where former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is plotting his comeback with the help of racist parties.

Qatar World cup migrant death

Qatar feels the heat

Summary: with less than a month to go before the launch of the World Cup, Qatar has reacted with fury to criticisms in Western media.

Taiz Yemen

The truce in the Yemen war comes to an end

Summary: with the expiration of the truce in war-torn Yemen, full-scale fighting has thankfully not resumed but the Houthis remain very much in a dominant position as the UN Special Envoy struggles to keep the peace initiative moving forward.

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