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Sphinx Avenue Luxor


Summary: Egyptology is the gift that keeps on giving for Sisi’s regime both politically and economically.

Haftar Assad

A Time for Monsters

Summary: the success of MENA autocracies in crushing democracy efforts obscures the reality that within that success are embedded the seeds of ongoing struggle.

Burhan Hamdok

Sudan: Burhan backs down

Summary: Sudan’s coup leader, finding himself lacking the support of key outside players  has been forced into a U-turn.

What next for Yemen?

Summary: Houthi military ascendancy continues even as the Saudis intensify air strikes placing further challenges on special envoys’ efforts to end the war.

UAE: High Crimes and Misdemeanours

Summary: thousands of recently leaked documents cast new light on financial crimes in the UAE, the role played by senior royal family members, and the internal politics and rivalries President Sheikh Khalifa is unable to control.

MBS & Tamim

MbS and the domestic front

Summary: Mohammed bin Salman has experienced both rebuffs and successes on the foreign front but it is how well he manages domestic issues that will determine his future and the future of the kingdom.

FCDO Gulf Strategy Fund

COP26: Of Carbon, Chess and King Cnut

Summary: Riyadh played a skilled hand at COP26 but may well discover very soon that the real threat to its petro-economy lies largely outside international forums.

Triptych - Baghuz, Qahtani, Qadhafi

A MENA triptych

Summary: the coverup of a potential war crime committed by the US as the ISIS caliphate was crushed; the return of the Saudi ‘Lord of the Flies’; and another candidate declares in Libya’s race for president.

Turkey Punch

Exit Pursued By A Bear?

Summary: the prospect of defeat in the 2023 presidential election may drive President Erdoğan to quit NATO and draw closer to Russia and Iran, a scenario that could cause anxiety for Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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