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Covid Yemen

COVID situation underlines fragmentation of Yemen

Summary: Monday’s attack on Abu Dhabi has once again brought attention to the war in Yemen but the country’s COVID pandemic has escaped virtually all international scrutiny and coverage.

UAE drone missile Fire

Houthis hit Abu Dhabi

Summary: Monday’s attack on the UAE’s national oil company was a brazen statement of intent designed to force the UAE’s hand in Yemen.

Omar Abdalmajeed Asad

Justice for Palestinians

Summary: the death of an elderly Palestinian-American at the hands of the IDF raises yet again the imperative of the fight for justice in Palestine; a transcript of our 31 December podcast with the Conservative MP for Reigate Crispin Blunt who launched the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP) in 2021. 

World Bank forecast

The MENA 2022 economic outlook

Summary: this year poses big challenges to the economies of the MENA region, many of which are already in deep trouble while a wealthy few will use their hydrocarbons revenues to ride out whatever rough weather comes their way.

IRGC missiles

The JCPOA revival: Iran seeks to maintain the status quo

Summary: Iran is seeking to maintain its successful asymmetric warfare advantages by attempting to secure a continuation of the status quo in Vienna, happy to trade short-term acquisition of nuclear weaponry for relief from sanctions and continued progress with its programme of regional interventions.  With the United States pulling back, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh are preparing themselves to be able to disrupt that status quo should it threaten them.

Saudi ballistic missile programme

Saudi Arabia manufacturing ballistic missiles

Summary: the kingdom has built a ballistic missiles factory and, as anxieties over a new JCPOA deal grows in Riyadh, are ramping up production with assistance from China.

Saudi oil minister

The price of oil in 2022

Summary: forecasting the price of oil at year-end is even more fraught than usual but OPEC+ may be looking for something close to the current US$82pb or a little higher.

Saudi alcohol

Introduction of Alcohol in Saudi Arabia 

Summary: the Saudi regime is signalling the prohibition on alcohol in the Kingdom could soon be relaxed,  a huge step for such a conservative society. 

Pic 6 Tea seller outside Mosul University

Through Iraqi eyes

Summary: Yaroub Akram Ali is an Iraqi photographer who has worked closely with international media covering the wars and political upheavals in his country.

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