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Kif Morocco

Cannabis in Morocco

Summary: Morocco implements new legislation regarding the production and sale of cannabis but full decriminalisation is still a long way off.

Ukraine and the ongoing food crisis in Yemen

Summary: while the Yemen truce has largely held and there is hope it will be renewed, the war in Ukraine has exacerbated food insecurity with prices soaring for wheat and other commodities even as ordinary Yemenis, hit hard by rampant inflation, are already lacking the money to buy food.

Areej Al Sadhan

A battle cry for human rights

Summary: a sister battles for her brother’s freedom and that of thousands of other prisoners of conscience held in Saudi Arabia’s prison system. 

UAE Khalifa death

MbZ ascends to the presidency of the UAE

Summary: with the passing of the ailing president of the UAE, Abu Dhabi’s crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed assumes a title that he has long held in every other aspect but name. In a smooth transition,  all that remains is his decision about who to appoint to assume the position of crown prince.

Kwasi Kwarteng Saudis

UK-Saudi relations: the warming trend continues

Summary: following the prime minister’s meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh in March, a Saudi Shura Council delegation visits Westminster and meets with the business minister Kwasi Kwarteng to the horror of the Saudi opposition.

2022 Lebanon election results

Lebanon’s parliamentary election

Summary: with a record number of independent candidates winning seats, the hold that Lebanon’s corrupt elites have over the country may be weakening but this still represents only a small step on a very long and difficult road to true reform.

Hossam Moanis

Sisi’s conundrums in an economic crisis

Summary: having presided over the most brutal repression in modern Egypt’s history, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi now finds himself in a dilemma, facing an economic crisis that could precipitate a new revolution. So he has begun to release political prisoners in the hope that will help to ease growing popular anger.

The murder of a journalist

Summary: the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh cannot be left to the Israeli authorities to investigate.  Only an independent body can establish the truth of her death.

US-Saudi relations stalked by 9/11

Summary: the US-Saudi relationship is at its lowest ebb in decades and newly declassified documents linking Saudi officials to 9/11 will make fixing it even harder.

Turkey looks to move refugees back to Syria

Summary: with resentment growing in Turkey towards Syrian refugees, President Erdoğan offers homes and promises of a ‘self-sufficient economic infrastructure’ to encourage 1 million to leave.

Macron Sisi

Western hypocrites and MENA potentates

Summary: as the war in Ukraine enters an ever more dangerous phase, MENA states continue to take a fence-sitting posture that keeps their options open and avoids annoying Putin.

Lebanon hostages

Lebanon’s parliamentary election: plus ça change

Summary: the election is expected to do little other than reinforce established sectarian elites but a strong diaspora vote could see non-sectarian independents secure gains if voter turnout in Lebanon is low.

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