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Tunisia fan Palestine flag

A Summit, a Football Match and White Supremacy

Summary: Tunisians were not impressed with La Francophonie, a summit that celebrated the French connection but did little to help ordinary people so when Tunisia’s victory over France came in the World Cup, it was especially sweet.

Itamar Ben-Gvir & UAE's ambassador Mohamed Al Khaja 1 December 2022 (Screengrab)

The state of Israel slides closer to fascism

Summary: while Benjamin Netanyahu continues his courtship of fascist politicians, Palestinians continue to suffer under occupation with leaders in the West and even some in the Middle East showing unwavering support for Israel.

In Yemen, the Storm Before the Storm  

Summary: a new book on Yemen by Arab Digest contributor Helen Lackner is an invaluable primer on the history, politics and prospects of a country stalked by war.

US-Saudi relations: a new low

Summary: President Biden has promised to hold MbS to account and impose consequences on the ruthless and unstable Saudi leader. The best way for him to do so would be to secure the release of Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz.

Israeli journalist meets Saudi fan World Cup 2022

The World Cup, Bibi and bids

Summary: with word that two storied football franchises are for sale, Gulf bidders signal their interest; a game of double standards and hypocrisy plays on as Netanyahu assembles an extremist government; and an ageing superstar looks set to cash in on one more big payday.

Syria oil tanker

What Will OPEC+ Do Next?

Summary: despite the recent uptick in equity markets, global economic prospects look gloomy enough to justify agreement on a further cut in output when OPEC+ meets on 4 December.


Saudi Arabia and Russia: the OPEC+ dynamic duo

Summary: Saudi Arabia’s response to the market threat posed by US shale was to broker a partnership with Russia in 2016 that six years later is working very well, allowing the Saudis to exert geopolitical influence while shrugging off demands from the Biden White House.

From LIV to Trump: MbS’s master stroke?

Summary: a renegade golf tournament  handsomely funded through Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund shows MbS has ambitions well beyond the links.

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