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Empty shelves Tunisia supermarket

Ubu Roi and Tunisia’s economic free fall

Summary: as President Kais Saied relentlessly consolidates power, the country he presides over continues its downward spiral as he pursues economic stratagems untethered from reality.

Kuwait Jenan Mohsin Ramadan Boushehri and Alia Faisal Al Khaled1

Islamists gain in Kuwait parliamentary election

Summary: if it is the case that yet another parliamentary election produces more bickering and gridlock between the ruling family and MPs then once again Kuwaiti women will be the biggest losers.

Palestine funeral

Truss and Jerusalem

Summary: the prime minister has told her Israeli counterpart that she is reviewing the UK’s position on moving the embassy to Jerusalem, an action in contravention of international law and UN resolutions and one that would upend decades of British policy.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco drunk Paris1

Morocco: a troubled kingdom

Summary: previously seen as a model of stability and solid economic growth, Morocco is struggling with an economy battered by COVID and the fallout from the war in Ukraine; to further complicate matters the king is in failing health and a succession battle looms.

Scholz MbS

Oil: winter is coming

Summary: following the agreement to cut output at its September meeting, OPEC+ faces another tricky balancing act on 5 October especially if its aim remains to put a US$100pb ‘floor’ under Brent.

Sisi and the IMF Carousel

Summary: the IMF has made a new loan to Egypt contingent upon fiscal and structural reforms. The problem is those reforms are likely to serve only to drive more and more Egyptians into absolute poverty while further enriching the military elite.

Prince Turki bin Mohammed attends the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

The MbS no show

Summary: there was a flurry of suggestions that the Saudi crown prince would come to London for the Queen’s funeral but in the end he didn’t show up while other senior Gulf dignitaries did. 

Lebanon and a run of robberies

Summary: while the governor of the central bank eludes arrest and accountability, desperate Lebanese are resorting to armed ‘robberies’ to get the money that is theirs out of banks refusing to give it to them.

Yemen IDPs

IDPs in Yemen: an untold story

Summary: the war and the humanitarian disaster it has caused have received intermittent coverage but the story of Yemen’s 4.3 million IDPs has been virtually ignored.

Sadrists Green Zone

Iraq: a Functioning or a Failing State?

Summary: Iraq has still to form a government nearly a year after parliamentary elections. The impasse is indicative of a far bigger malaise: a dysfunctional state whose sovereignty is held hostage to armed groups and sectarian interests.

Saudi captagon arrests

Captagon in Saudi Arabia

Summary: Captagon use in the kingdom is on the up; critics blame Vision 2030 and anti-Islamic social engineering masterminded by MbS and his right hand man Saud al-Qahtani for causing widespread nihilism among young Saudis, driving up the demand for illicit drugs. 

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