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Hezbollah published drone video footage of sensitive Israeli positions including chemical and oil storage facilities around the port of Haifa, June 18, 2024 [photo credit: Al Manar]

Two stories one border

Summary: with Hezbollah and Israel duelling along the border civilians on both sides, having already fled their communities, fear the worst is yet to come.

Independent candidate for Islington North Jeremy Corbyn joins LSE students in support of their encampment for the people of Gaza, JUne 17, 2024 [@jeremycorbyn]

The Student Spring: from Columbia to KCL

Summary: a student at King’s College London reflects on the global student protest movement and how university administrations are suppressing pro-Palestine protests by invoking ‘safety concerns’.

Saudi Arabia's secondary share offering is expected to raise at least $11.2 billion, over half of which with foreign investors Reuters reported [photo credit: Saudi ARamco]

Saudi Aramco: another IPO and yield is still the key

Summary: as we saw with the 2019 IPO, yield has been key to the positive response, this time globally, to Saudi Aramco’s secondary public offering. Furthermore, the reinforcing impact on investor sentiment of the company’s accelerating divergence programme should not be underestimated.

Satellite images documenting the systematic destruction of Yabna refugee camp in Rafah, southern Gaza, by the Israeli occupation army.

Dancing with death

Summary: as the Gaza war rages on various players execute well choreographed moves that provide them with political cover while enabling Israel’s genocide to carry on.

Kushner's Saudi-backed Affinity Partners invested $150 million in the Shlomo Group which since October 7 has equipped the IDF including the Shaldag Unit [pictured] which led the raid on Al Shifa Hospital [photo credit: IDF]

How Saudi Arabia uses oil wealth to support a genocide

Summary: using its oil and the flotation of Aramco shares while opening the doors to foreign investors, chief among whom is Jared Kushner, Saudi Arabia is enabling both directly and otherwise the genocide of Palestine.

Francis' mother Margaret in 1941 aged twenty

My mother Margaret taught me to think out of the box: part 6

Summary: in the final part of his memoir of his mother Francis Ghilès reflects on the layering and intermingling of culture and history, the fatal flaws in the way the Global North views the Arab world and the importance of and the limits to reconciliation, familial and otherwise.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan [photo credit: @RTErdogan]

Türkiye and Iraq: turning the page

Summary: with water management deals, a giga economic project and fresh diplomatic initiatives Iraq and Türkiye are building a relationship that President Erdoğan and Prime Minister al-Sudani hope will benefit their political goals and ambitions.

The 188th Meeting of the OPEC Conference, was held on 2 June 2024 via videoconference [photo credit: OPEC]

OPEC+: Micawberism in the Middle East

Summary: decisions made at and around the 2 June OPEC+ meeting are consistent with the decline in the cartel’s ability to determine the oil price.

Cry Resistance!

Summary: despite efforts by their governments to suppress support for the Palestinian cause Gen Z Arabs throughout the MENA regime are connecting, consolidating and challenging both their own regimes and Western backing of Israel’s genocidal war.

Turki Al-Sheikh, a Saudi adviser and key figure at the Royal Court, posted a video promoting a buy-one-get-one-free offer from ‘Riyadh Season’ and McDonald’s, who he names as a strategic partner, despite McDonald’s being among the brands subject to Arab calls for boycott for supporting the Israeli army

MbS steps up his support for Israel’s war in Gaza

Summary: as Arab Digest has been reporting since the war began on 7 October last year, in spite of widespread support among ordinary Saudis for the Palestinian cause Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been going to considerable lengths to undermine the Palestinian resistance and support Israel’s occupation and genocide.

Following a brutal colonial experience Arab countries have continued to be ruled by military dictators and puppet regimes that depend fully on the West for their survival [photo credit: Ahmed Zarrouki]

My mother Margaret taught me to think out of the box: part 5

Summary: in part 5 Francis Ghilès notes how arrogance and ignorance have led the West to mischaracterise and misunderstand the Middle East and North Africa, blunders he was able to avoid thanks to the lessons taught by his mother.

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