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Below are all the Arab Digest newsletters going back to 17 June 2013


Summary: as a key defendant agrees to cooperate fully with Belgium prosecutors, the full extent to which the EU parliament was allegedly corrupted by Qatar and Morocco is set to be revealed.

Lord Ahmad Palestine

Israel and Palestine: why Britain matters

Summary: Britain bears a significant responsibility for the Palestine-Israel conflict but successive governments have chosen to ignore that responsibility while giving strong support to Israel. A distinguished Arabist and retired British diplomat argues that has to change and the first step is to recognise the state of Palestine.

President Sisi and German Economic Affairs Minister Brigitte Zypries

Yesterday’s allies, today’s anxious lenders

Summary: the lenders who are bankrolling Egypt’s President Sisi, principally the Gulf states, are growing uneasy as Egypt’s currency woes and ever-mounting debt signal an economic crash is on the horizon. 

A rainbow over Algiers [photo credit: @tergeek]

LGBTQ+ Algeria: rainbow repression 

Summary: Algerian authorities unleash a campaign against rainbow symbols; the Algerian LGBTQ+ community continues to be subjected to discrimination, abuse and sometimes violence. 

A sombre World Bank forecast

Summary: 2023 promises to be a very difficult year for many MENA countries with only the Gulf states escaping the long shadow of a deep economic slowdown.

Saudi industry minister Davos

Oil: The Bulls Are Back In Town

Summary: OPEC+ is due to convene next in early June but with a bull market resurgent the date may need to be pushed forward; however, right now is not the time. 

The UAE’s COP28 finesse

Summary: with the appointment of the boss of the UAE’s national oil company to head up COP28, critics say it’s a sell out to big oil interests while others argue the choice of Sultan al-Jaber is a shrewd and positive move.

Etidal Centre

Salman’s Electronic Army: watching the watchmen 

Summary: as the online information war rages on, dissidents inside Salman’s Electronic Army counter its “counter extremism” by leaking information about its activities to the Saudi opposition.

This Arab Life

Summary: with candid and often brutal honesty the Lebanese writer Amal Ghandour digs deep into her own past, all the while excavating the landscape of a failed state, seeking answers for why Lebanon has abandoned its people to the invidious greed of an entrenched elite.

Political Power and Environmental Sustainability in Gulf Monarchies by Tobias Zumbraegel

Not so green

Summary: a new examination of the environmental efforts of Gulf hydrocarbons producers shows that behind the talk of a green agenda there is little of substance to stand up their claims to be onside with the struggle to save the world from environmental destruction.

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