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On Friday Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel: "You must expect surprises from our resistance" [photo credit: Al Manar]

Of black gold and grey rhinos

Summary: what may now be a rising medium term probability of the conflict in the Middle East spreading more widely is having no visible impact on the price of crude yet as demand-side factors continue to weigh more heavily with investors than the ‘grey rhino’ on Israel’s northern border.

Kurdistan Region PM Masrour Barzan visiting Erbil’s Qaysari Bazaar after a massive fire burned over 200 shops on May 5, 2024 [photo credit: @SardarSattar]

KRG’s mysterious bazaar fires

Summary: the causes for a series of fires that have destroyed hundreds of shops in bazaars across Iraqi Kurdistan remain largely unexplained but the impact on ordinary people has been profound and is all too clear to see.

Abdullah, 35, who lost both of his legs to a landmine while taking goats to graze, with his two children, Al-Shaqb, Yemen, April 27, 2024. [photo credit: Niku Jafarnia/HRW]

A lethal legacy of the Yemen war

Summary: as a shaky truce continues to hold very little has been done to remove landmines and other unexploded ordinance scattered across a country riven by nearly a decade of war.

Francis with his mother in Richmond, UK in 1948

My mother Margaret taught me to think out of the box: part 3

Summary: in part 3 Francis Ghilès reflects on the influences both European and North African that shaped his mother’s understanding of history and how the Holocaust was weaponised to justify settler colonisation in Palestine.

Deaths and a decision

Summary: a helicopter crash that killed the president of Iran and his foreign minister and an ICC request for an arrest warrant for the leaders of both Hamas and Israel has caused a heady brew of outrage, celebration, grief and consternation in the Middle East and beyond.

Sabri Nakhnoukh received a presidential pardon in May 2018 after being sentenced to 28 years in prison on charges of drug trafficking

A Time for Fear

Summary: the creation of quasi-state mercenary militias in Egypt raises the prospect that the Sisi regime is preparing itself for civil strife as the country’s economy continues to falter and more and more Egyptians are driven into absolute poverty.

Taking Trump seriously

Summary: if Donald Trump wins the US election he will hit the ground running with an agenda which will have major implications globally, both economically and politically. Government and business across the Middle East should listen carefully to his speeches and take him at his word. 

The IDF says 626 Israeli soldiers have been killed during the fighting in the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023

Another week in Israel’s genocidal war

Summary: another week passes and the agony of Palestinians continues with much posturing and little of substance to encourage the thought that the Gaza war will come to an end.

The Sudanese armed forces conducting an airdrop of military equipment in North Darfur state, April 22, 2024 [photo credit: @Sudan_tweet]

Sudan and a catastrophic war

Summary: the Sudanese analyst Kholood Khair offers a way forward that could help to end a war the world continues to ignore but that has inflicted a catastrophe on the people of Sudan.

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