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HRH Prince Abdul Aziz announces at OPEC presser

Oil: In Search Of Stability

Summary: despite what was, by all accounts, a challenging discussion at the OPEC+ table last weekend, Saudi Arabia appears to have engineered a pragmatic outcome consistent with its drive to stabilise the oil price.

The Kais Saied question

Summary: as he systematically deconstructs the last vestiges of Tunisia’s experiment in democracy many are wondering what the Tunisian president’s end game is or if he has an end game at all.

An unlasting home

Summary: Arab Digest’s editor talks to Mai al-Nakib about her debut novel, a sweeping and panoramic portrait of five generations of women.

Sisi chips

Is Sisi Debt Crisis Morphing into a Banking Crisis?

Summary: as Egypt’s debt load mounts inexorably the rate of reform including the demand from lenders to demilitarise the economy is moving so slowly it may precipitate a banking collapse.

Geneina, West Darfur, May 23, 2023 [photo credit: @Ahmed_Shaweesh]

Sudan and a seven-day ceasefire

Summary: a short ceasefire that was ignored more than it was honoured is coming to an end and the prognosis for a peaceful solution remains grim unless the US and other Western nations bring pressure to bear on the states backing rival sides: Egypt and the UAE.

Bahrain Israeli flag

A rare street protest in Bahrain

Summary: for more than a decade the government of Bahrain has used the harsh repression of individual rights and the banning of protests to silence critics but this week saw the detention of a prominent cleric bring people defiantly into the streets.

Riad Salame

The banker with nine lives

Summary: a red notice may prove of little real consequence for the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon who continues to avoid justice for actions that have helped to wreck the Lebanese economy.

Jericho Agro Industrial Park JAIP

Industrial zones in the West Bank

Summary: touted as a pathway to statehood for Palestine, free industrial zones in the West Bank are another weapon in Israel’s colonisation arsenal that have become even more potent with the extremist regime that Benjamin Netanyahu has pulled together.


Covering up for Sisi

Summary: Western governments have a long history of covering up for Arab dictators. The latest Home Office information notes on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood show a new twist in an old story.

Assad UAE

Warming to Assad

Summary: COP28, scheduled to take place in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December, has invited the Syrian president to attend as the Arab world continues its rehabilitation of a leader once reviled as a pariah.

Samira Maresh

Yemen: progress on prisoner exchanges

Summary: as peace talks remain stuck in uncertainty, one piece of good news is the release in two tranches of cohorts of prisoners held by both sides of the conflict.

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