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Sample Newsletters for Arab Digest

How far will Putin go?

Summary: as the war in Ukraine continues with missiles raining down and a massive column of armoured vehicles heads toward Kyiv, fears are growing that the Russian president is prepared to inflict massive civilian harm in order to achieve his objectives. With the question being asked repeatedly and one that often focusses on the mental …

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UAE diplomats: more smuggling

Summary: the UAE continues to insist it is cleaning up its act when it comes to money-laundering, gold and antiquities smuggling but lucrative criminal networks continue to flourish while key players remain unpunished.

Israel and apartheid

Summary: the description of Israel as an apartheid state has stirred an angry reaction within the country and among its international supporters but there is much in the Amnesty report that deserves consideration.


Summary: Egyptology is the gift that keeps on giving for Sisi’s regime both politically and economically.

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