Sample Newsletters

Sample Newsletters for Arab Digest

Yemen’s agriculture under siege

Summary: more than ten years of war, climate change and agricultural practices that benefit wealthy landowners and further impoverish the poor have left the vast majority of the Yemeni population suffering from food insecurity.

Of bombs and bluffs

Summary: Iran’s massive missile attack on Israel did little damage which was unsurprising given the advance warning Tehran provided; all sides can claim a measure of victory. But as the Gaza war edges ever closer to a regional conflict the question is what comes next ?

UNRWA on the brink

Summary: the UN agency dedicated to Palestinian refugees is on the brink of collapse, facing huge funding cuts and a dire situation amid the war in Gaza. But now more than ever, Europeans need to support its operations or risk an even more unstable situation.

Yemen feels the heat from Gaza

Summary: the war in Gaza is casting a long shadow in Yemen where urgently needed humanitarian aid is falling far short of requirements and efforts to achieve a peace deal are being stymied in part by the US designation of the Huthis as a terrorist group.

Arab states and the Gaza war

Summary: questions are being asked about why the leaders of powerful Arab states have been reluctant to use their considerable diplomatic and economic clout to end the slaughter in Gaza and secure the rights of Palestinians to a free and independent country.

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