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Stepping Stones to a Secure Middle East

Arab Digest Editor William Law in conversation with Sanam Vakil deputy director of the MENA Programme at London’s Chatham House. Sanam’s research focuses on Gulf geopolitics, security issues and future trends in Iran’s domestic and foreign policy. AD got an early look at a paper she and her Chatham House colleague Neil Quilliam are publishing in mid-April that examines pathways to de-escalating conflict, building trust and moving to regional security in the Middle East.

@SALHACHIMI busts loose!

William Law, the Arab Digest editor is in conversation with Sami Hamdi, editor in chief of The International Interest. And their conversation is all about Sami’s tweets. He is an incisive MENA twitterati with thoughts and opinions that are sometimes controversial but never dull. So rather than limiting @SALHACHIMI to 280 characters AD decided to let him rip.

The Gulf to America: we don’t need you like we used to need you

Arab Digest editor William Law talks with Giorgio Cafiero. Giorgio is the founder and CEO of Gulf State Analytics, based in Washington. Their conversation focusses on how internal and external pressures are shaping the Gulf states and driving forward fresh regional initiatives that signal the era of America as the Gulf’s big brother is well and truly over.

Fight Island

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with investigative sports journalist Karim Zidan. Their conversation focusses on Abu Dhabi’s Fight Island where the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the UFC, has landed. Karim looks at how a sport that mixes martial arts with boxing and features men and women fighters is a fit for a conservative Gulf emirate.

UAE foreign policy: time to hit the reset button

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with Samuel Ramani, a non-resident fellow at Gulf International Forum and a doctoral candidate in International Relations at the University of Oxford. Their conversation focusses on the United Arab Emirates and the challenges the country’s rulers face as Joe Biden settles into the White House with new agendas on Iran, human rights in the Middle East and relations with America’s Gulf allies.

Biden brings US diplomacy back to the Middle East

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with Jon B Alterman director of the Middle East Program and senior vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. With Joe Biden in the White House American diplomacy is back in fashion but is diplomacy enough to solve the MENA region’s myriad challenges?

Hey Europe! The Maghreb Matters

Arab Digest editor William Law, in conversation with Francis Ghilès, an associate senior researcher at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB). A former North Africa correspondent for the Financial Times, he is a specialist on security, energy, and political trends in North Africa and the Western Mediterranean.

Yemen in crisis

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with Helen Lackner, one of the world’s foremost experts on Yemen and a conflict now entering its seventh year. Their talk ranges from the abandoned oil tanker that threatens an environmental disaster to outside forces and leaders of the Yemeni factions who profit from a war that leaves the people destitute and desperate.

Libya: time for Europe to step up to the plate

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with Tarek Megerisi, a policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, on the role Europe could play in the Libya conflict. There are elites within the country and outside forces that want to keep the war going. It is in Europe’s interest to work towards ending it.

“Every Voice Counts”

Arab Digest editor William Law in conversation with Lina al-Hathloul, the sister of the jailed Saudi womens’ rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul (https://www.loujainalhathloul.org/.) Loujain was detained and tortured in a secret prison and in December of last year given a six year prison sentence. Her sister tells Loujain’s story and the family’s fight for justice.

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