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  1. Re “It is the first time al-Qa’ida has attempted to take and hold territory, following the example of IS in that respect but not copying IS blood lust and tyranny.”

    AQAP seized much of the same ground in 2011/12 (eg http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/apr/30/alqaida-yemen-jihadis-sharia-law) and were fairly brutal and intolerant in their treatment of the local population and thus alienated many of them, who then helped the authorities re-take the towns in 2012/13.

    al-Wuhayshi sent a letter to Drukdal in Mali recommending a “softly, softly” approach (http://bigstory.ap.org/article/yemen-terror-boss-left-blueprint-waging-jihad). AQIM et al ignored the lesson, leading to similar resistance from the local population.

    In this iteration, AQAP seem to have learned the lesson of their previous failures, and are implementing it; in particular they are careful not to alienate the tribes. IS, whether as ideological zealots or merely because they haven’t failed yet, are still conducting themselves in a very aggressive fashion – with predictable results.

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