Western Sahara: Morocco remains firmly in control

Summary: the UN-sponsored talks look likely to be delayed by the resignation of the Special Envoy. Despite some success for Polisario in opposing exports of phosphates, time is on Morocco’s side.

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1 thought on “Western Sahara: Morocco remains firmly in control”

  1. The parallels between the Moroccan – Saharawi struggle and the Israeli – Palestinian one are many and interesting, on both sides: claims to historical rule vs uti posseditis; the use of a barrier; offers of autonomy vs independence; population transfer and permanent refugees abroad; intransigent opposition movements etc. (One odd difference is that John Bolton is pro-Israel, yet seems pro-POLISARIO https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/05/09/can-john-bolton-thaw-western-saharas-long-frozen-conflict-morocco-western-sahara-polisario-minurso-sahrawi-republic/ )
    Given the links between the various sides, these parallels are unlikely to be co-incidence; a successful tactic / precedent in one territory is likely to be copied in the other. One tactic that is increasing in frequency is the legal one (akin to BDS, but with the force of law): “Polisario case reveals high stakes behind investors’ ESG enthusiasm – Legal action over disputed African territory affects EU links with Morocco”. (https://www.ft.com/content/f27754de-4288-3cf0-98b1-73bd7440bbf4)

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