1 thought on “US troops back in Saudi Arabia”

  1. “The US army has had no permanent presence in Saudi Arabia since it left in 2003, having been there since the first Iraq war for the liberation of Kuwait in 1991.” The AP report uses the important qualifying phrase “combat troops”. (“…putting U.S. combat forces back in Saudi Arabia, after an absence of more than a decade,…”) The U.S. Military Training Mission (USMTM) has never left Saudi Arabia since it was established in June 1953. The USMTM provides training assistance to Saudi forces and manages the US-Saudi military sales relationship. But these are not combat troops.
    The USMTM website states that there are normally “more than 140” advisers at more than ten different locations in the kingdom.
    See: https://www.centcom.mil/OPERATIONS-AND-EXERCISES/USMTM/

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