US-Saudi relations: a new low

Summary: President Biden has promised to hold MbS to account and impose consequences on the ruthless and unstable Saudi leader. The best way for him to do so would be to secure the release of Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz.

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3 thoughts on “US-Saudi relations: a new low”

    1. For more on the process of choosing Prince Ahmed we refer you to An urgent alarm call to all the Al Saud, the letter published by an anonymous Saudi prince in 2015, which states :

      “…we call upon all the sons of King Abdulaziz—from the oldest Prince Bandar, to the youngest Prince Muqrin—to call an urgent meeting with the senior family members to discuss the situation, take all necessary measures to save the country, make changes in the important positions, and appoint those who are competent from the ruling family, whether from the first, second, third or fourth generation. We also suggest the collection of signatures from all sons and grandsons of the founder King for the proposed measures and implementation of what the majority approves for the common good.

      Thirteen sons of King Abdulziz are still alive, and between them they possess great competence and experience, particularly Princes Talal bin Abdulaziz, Turki bin Abdulaziz and Ahmed bin Abdulaziz with their great ability and well-known political and administrative experience which should be harnessed in the interest of religion, the Holy Places, and the people.

      The above mentioned three in particular and all thirteen sons of the Founder in general should carry the banner, gather consensus, and assemble the ranks of the House of Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman al-Faisal al-Saud, led by the oldest and best of them and their capable sons—who are a treasure imperishable if God wills—to act and remove all three, the incapable King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the negligent, impetuous and arrogant Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, and the thief, corrupt, destroyer of the nation Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman—just as King Faisal, his brothers, and their sons and cousins did when they removed King Saud—so that the best and oldest can take charge of the affairs of the country and its people.

      Let a new king and a new crown prince be appointed, and let everyone pledge allegiance to that, and abolish the novel and bizarre post of deputy crown prince. We hope that this letter will be heeded, and to see positive action. We wish every success to everyone, if Almighty God wills.”

  1. Surely MbS can be confident that however much Biden might want to freeze relations with the Kingdom, they both know that he would have little support in Congress and the pro-Israel Lobby would be in top gear to stop any effective sanctions on their new best friend.

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