1 thought on “Tunisia – death of the President”

  1. I am afraid the sad truth is that the Tunisian constitution is unworkable for any number of reasons, that money and, increasingly mafias, play a growing role in Tunisian politics. The West may enthuse about the “ only” Arab democracy but many Tunisians say they regret Ben Ali. Beji Caid Essebsi turned a blind eye to corruption, promoted his son to run his party Nida Tunes thus helping destroy it. He refused to appoint a “strong “ prime minister willing and capable of pushing through reforms. He had left Tunisia in a sorry state and history will not be kind to him however much the likes of Macron and The King of Spain heaped totally unwarranted praise on him at his funeral. Young Tunisians will not vote this autumn because they do not like to be taken for fools.

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