1 thought on “Trump recognises Israeli annexation of Golan”

  1. I argue in a piece published on 19 March that the Golan decision was a reasonably well orchestrated plan, one is almost tempted to say surprisingly well orchestrated for the Trump White House. Lindsey Graham gave it a theatrical spin when he turned up on the Golan on 11 March. That was followed a day later by a report released by the IDF detailing what it called the “Golan File”, a sinister new plot that involved the infiltration of a village on the Syrian side by what it called a “Hezbollah terror cell”. Curiously, the Israeli army made a point of saying that Assad had no knowledge of this terror cell aiming to attack Israel. Given the close relationship between Hezbollah and the Syrian ruler and the fact that his army is back in control on the Syrian side, it seems a surprising claim. It may have been made so as to drive a wedge between Assad and Hezbollah. Additionally it gives Assad plausible deniability, exempting him from Israeli blame and the threat of potential retaliation against his forces. The target, the Israeli army is making abundantly clear, is Hezbollah and not Assad. Finally the US State Department in its annual review of human rights no longer refers to the Golan as “Israeli-occupied”. It is now “Israeli-controlled Golan Heights”. The review was released on 13 March, the day after the Israeli army briefed the media on the “Golan File”. A state department official said: “You’re just trying to find the way of describing the place that you’re reporting on and ‘occupied territory’ has a legal meaning to it. I think what they tried to do is to shift more to just a geographic description.” Well precisely: moving away from a legal meaning strengthens Netanyahu’s hand.
    Here is the full article: https://www.middleeasteye.net/opinion/helping-netanyahu-why-lindsey-graham-declared-occupied-golan-israeli

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