The statements and silences of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Summary: Justin Welby has long expressed his support for Israel but as the most extreme government in the country’s history steps up its attacks on Palestinians questions are being raised both within and outside the Church of England about both his recent statements and his silences as Israeli abuse against Palestinians escalates.

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1 thought on “The statements and silences of the Archbishop of Canterbury”

  1. As a confirmed member of the Church of England, I am both embarrassed by and ashamed of Welby.

    Welby’s strong support for the Chief Rabbi’s direct intervention in electoral politics was shocking: far too much blood has been shed as a result of prelates’ politicking. Yet reportedly Welby knew of it beforehand and did nothing to dissuade; he joined in it and remains unrepentant (

    Similarly, whatever Welby’s personal political opinions, it is improper to misuse clerical authority to inflict political views on the rest of the Church. Yet Welby reportedly pushed the controversial IHRA Definition through the House of Bishops ( rather than letting the General Synod come to its own conclusion – possibly even its own definition – on anti-Semitism.

    Holy fool? The interference of clergy in partisan politics is wholly unacceptable.”

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