The Six-Day War: 50th anniversary

Summary: 1967 a stunning military victory, but the political dilemma remains unsolved. Israeli media thoughtful rather than triumphant. A diatribe against the occupation.

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1 thought on “The Six-Day War: 50th anniversary”

  1. The ‘commentator in the New York-based Jewish Daily Forward writes of […] “The stunning military victory”‘. It’s worth remembering that the bulk of the Egyptian regular army (and equipment) was in Yemen in 1967, fighting the (Israeli-assisted) Royalist Yemenis. The forces Nasser sent against Israel were mostly reservists. The Egyptian operational commander in Sinai flew back from Yemen a week or so before D-Day.
    The first lesson to note is that – again – Yemen is being used very cheaply to draw in resources away from a Main Effort. In the current case, through minimal military help to the Huthis and Salihis but much public noise (echoed by a willing media), Iran has succeeded in sucking Sunni Arab monarchical assets in to Yemen, away from the fight against Iran’s allies in Syria and Iraq.
    The second lesson is that the Israeli establishment appears to have believed its own propaganda about 1967, such that in 1973, Sadat – with the regular forces, an interesting deception plan and new Soviet ATGMs – was able to give the Israelis a bloody nose. Having achieved that, his forces went firm and he negotiated the return of Sinai. As our politicians consider various strategies in the current conflict, it’s important to identify what really worked, and not what people think / like to think worked. It saves a lot of blood and treasure in the long run.

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