The Saudi anti-graft campaign

Following the launch of the “anti-graft campaign” in Saudi Arabia on 4 November (our posting of 6 November) the Saudi attorney general Shaikh Saud al-Mujib (appointed by King Salman in

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1 thought on “The Saudi anti-graft campaign”

  1. Giulio Franzinetti

    Estimates of the size of corruption are not reliable since they are not registered anywhere. 10% ? why not 5 or 15 or 27.93452%. I recall saying to Ahmed Qaddaf al-Dam (Gaddafi’s cousin) that if corruption and bureaucracy were the cause of Libya’s problems then Italy and China would never have progressed. He smiled.
    If you look at Transparency International Corruption Perception Index ( Saudi Arabia appears to be in the same category as Italy, less corrupt than Oman, Brazil, China, much better than Egypt. There are no reliable metrics or estimates, nor, unfortunately, are there any reliable analyses of its effect.

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