1 thought on “The Fantasy of Gaza’s Final Solution”

  1. Excellent points and logic for Sisi refusing to agree to this plan; but can he resist? However, given the choice between death by starvation or bombing and yet more exile into Sinai, are the Gazans in a position to resist? Israeli language of ‘there is no Palestine’ goes back to what we heard in the 1950s, and recognition of the existence of Palestine and Palestinians did not prevent further occupation of the remaining Palestinian lands after 1967, let alone the settler colonisation which is developing apace….. I dread and fear colonisation of a Gaza emptied of its population, forced out like the Armenians out of Türkiye were more than a century ago, let alone their parents from Palestine in 1948 and 1967…..

    Meanwhile the ‘West’ is supporting Israeli massacres, possibly even genocide, in the name of our ‘shared values’. The way it is presented, it would seem that what the Israelis are doing in Gaza and elsewhere, and the policies implemented in an extreme version by the current Israeli government, represent the ‘shared values’ of the West, with explicit support from the leader of the ‘free’ world; what is the definition of freedom? There is little doubt in my mind that many of those who suffered from colonialism and imperialism throughout Africa and Asia in the 19th and early 20th century will agree that these are the ‘values’ of the West. Maybe those of us whose definition of Western Values [humanism, altruism, solidarity, etc.] is different should somehow address this manipulation and distortion of this terminology to justify the current horrors perpetrated by Israeli extremists. As many have pointed out, invasion of Ukraine is treated as an assault on these western ‘values’ but ill-treatment of Palestinians [for half a century or longer] is not. Racism? Any other explanation?

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