The Changing Fortunes of Saudi Arabia

Summary: Ninth chapter of new Arab Digest / Global Policy Journal e-book finds that Saudi Arabia’s underlying social contract must soon be renegotiated as citizens are required to take personal responsibility for their own livelihoods and economic futures.

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1 thought on “The Changing Fortunes of Saudi Arabia”

  1. An interesting review of the current situation.
    Unemployment is undoubtedly the biggest problem facing the kingdom: the private sector is unlikely to create sufficient jobs to cater both for unemployed young males as well as (often better qualified) females. The generation of a work ethic in the young is fundamental if the problem is to be solved. This starts in the family but must also be a key plank in the educational system. The unemployment problem in the main cities, especially Riyadh, is exacerbated by the continuing drift from country areas. Private businesses should be encouraged to locate in smaller cities in rural areas.

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