The Beirut explosion: are Israel and Hezbollah responsible?

Summary: nearly a year on from the Beirut port explosion, no conclusions have been reached as to what caused it but an Arab Digest member who witnessed the explosion believes that both the Israelis and Hezbollah are to blame.

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2 thoughts on “The Beirut explosion: are Israel and Hezbollah responsible?”

  1. Richard Spencer

    I really don’t think you should use a Wikipedia reference to a single article by me from ten years ago that in one paragraph quoted Richard Silverstein, whose information is extremely variable in quality but sometimes on point, to bolster the fanciful nonsense you have published here!

    1. The article Richard Spencer refers to, titled “Iran missile development commander killed in explosion” was written 13 November, 2011 for the Telegraph. In it, in reference to Richard Silverstein, he writes:

      One US-based commentator known to have good sources in Israel’s military community said he had been told it was carried out by Mossad, co-operating with an exile group, the People’s Mojaheddin of Iran (MEK).
      He drew comparisons with an explosion at a base housing Shahab-3 long-range missiles just over a year ago, which killed 18 people and which was also put down by the authorities to a fire in an ammunition depot.
      The US commentator, Richard Silverstein, who has a record of revealing information censored inside Israel, said on his blog that a source had confirmed it as a Mossad operation in collaboration with the MEK. “It is widely known within intelligence circles that the Israelis use the MEK for varied acts of espionage and terror,” he said.
      Richard Spencer notes Mr Silverstein’s “information is extremely variable in quality but sometimes on point” and therefore useful as we said. The Wikipedia link is provided to confirm that he is a figure of some controversy.

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