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  1. You write: “With no end in sight to the war, more commentators are predicting that this looks like the beginning of the end of Zionism. The war has laid bare Israel and the occupation’s vulnerabilities, that they depend on two factors outside of Israel’s control for survival: Western support and Arab betrayal.” Zionism has many definitions, but broadly is a secular, “democratic” state for the Jewish people. Such a state does indeed need US (and EU) political backing in order to survive and thrive. The inference of “the end of Zionism” is an end of the state of Israel and thus the return of the Jews to [the Diaspora] much as happened to the Pieds Noirs when Algeria became independent, and in other post-colonial situations.

    However, while it would be “the end of Zionism” as currently broadly defined, it would not necessarily see an end to Israel. It is possible for a Halachic state to replace the secular state; indeed, a large faction of those pushing the judicial overhaul aim to achieve just that. Such a state would probably lose any remaining US support, would see many secular (tax-paying, war-fighting) Israelis try to emigrate, and would find it much harder to thrive (as the Taliban are now finding), but oddly might find more acceptance within the region, particularly under a fellow religious or political dictator. The elephant in the room is how the West then deals with a fundamentalist regime armed with nuclear weapons…

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