Syria: Russia pulls back

Syria: Russia pulls back
Summary: Russia’s surprise withdrawal of most of its forces from Syria baffles the commentators but gives the Geneva peace talks a boost.

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1 thought on “Syria: Russia pulls back”

  1. Although everyone claims to have been taken by surprise by the Russian announcement, it was in fact predicted on a Russian website,”War Files” :
    “Very shortly the Russian troops will be withdrawn from the territory of Syria – the military operation which began at the request of the legal President of the Syrian Arab Republic on 30 September last year is nearly complete… Correspondents of our publication have learned from reliable sources that Russia will begin in the next few days to withdraw its forces… All the conditions for such a step are in place: a ceasefire between the government forces of Bashar Asad and opposition forces agreed by the Russian Federation and the USA on 27 February, successful advance of Syrian forces (including opposition and Kurds), and the return to control of the state of that part of its territories which was previously held by the terrorists of IS (“Islamic state”, banned in Russia) and Jabhat al-Nusra. Thus the objectives of the military operation of the Russian military command have been achieved.”
    This report is dated 12 March. We do not know if it was indeed posted so early, but it was certainly posted before the news broke on 14 March.

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