Sudan jumps aboard the normalisation bandwagon

Summary: The fragility of Sudan’s efforts to achieve democracy have been exposed by the decision to normalise relations with Israel.
Both Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu were quick to hail Sudan’s decision to move forward on normalisation with Israel.

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1 thought on “Sudan jumps aboard the normalisation bandwagon”

  1. “The strategy of the Emiratis is one they have played regionally: to derail democracy movements by forging alliances with military strongmen, a strategy they have deployed successfully in Egypt, less successfully in Libya (where they are backing the warlord Khalifa Haftar).” It is also the same strategy which has failed in Yemen, where their efforts to install Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to replace Ali Abdullah Saleh met with widespread resistance.
    One report suggests that the source of the $335m is Sa’udi Arabia:
    This article says the UAE offered assistance to Sudan through Sa’udi Arabia.

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