Sheikh Jarrah and the Goethe Institute

Summary: the Goethe Institute’s decision to remove the young Sheikh Jarrah poet of resistance Mohammed el-Kurd from a panel discussion raises further questions about free speech and the ways it is silenced.

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1 thought on “Sheikh Jarrah and the Goethe Institute”

  1. Thanks for the article, which highlights yet another sad instance of the present hardened position of Israel, which from being a place of hope has become what is described in the account in this Newsletter as ‘an apartheid state’. It is such a tragedy, based on fear, that now a word cannot be said about the real suffering of the Palestinians, at the hands of Israel, without being accused of anti-semitism, and we have all been made afraid to mention this elephant in the room. This is worse than Northern Ireland, which seemed such an intractable problem, and which, with much hard work, achieved a Peace Agreement – (delicately poised now due to Brexit). If only Israel/Palestine could achieve a peace agreement – in a world where a country cannot be criticised, how do we live? None of us, no country, is perfect!

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