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  1. It is interesting that among the Sa’udi “generosity” to al-Mahrah is the provision of school textbooks: “During a visit in late December, officials from the program flanked by mostly Yemeni and Saudi media visited a school in Ghaydah to begin distributing 192,000 textbooks”. (https://www.wsj.com/articles/saudi-attempts-to-win-over-locals-in-yemen-stir-anger-11546527600)
    This fits well with the report in (the Lebanese opposition) al-Akhbar newspaper from a year ago:
    “Saudi invasion of Al-Mahrah: A Salafist “princedom” on Oman’s borders?”
    On January 11, the Al-Akhbar daily carried the following report by Douaa Suweidan: “…The Al-Mahrah governorate located in the Yemeni east is witnessing an active Saudi movement on all the different levels, a movement that now exceeds the one launched by the UAE some months ago in that governorate that has so far not been affected by the fire of the war. This movement has become so wide, varied and extensive that it has become hard to overlook it or to consider that it has no political and security related objectives especially that, since late November, it has taken on an escalating pattern, a pattern that once again sounds the alarm bell for the Sultanate of Oman, which enjoys long borders and solid relations with Al-Mahrah…
    “Moreover, the latest pieces of news coming from Al-Mahrah indicate that Saudi Arabia is working on establishing a center for the Salafists (like the center of Damaj in Sa’dah) in the city of Kashan, the third largest city in the governorate… Sources from the city of Kashan indicate that some individuals, including foreigners acting as displaced people, are purchasing land plots for outrageous sums of money that do not match the plots’ real value, and that suspicions have started to reign around these individuals who are widely believed to be Salafists who fought in Sa’dah…
    “The sources indicate that these people’s presence in Al-Mahrah has received the blessing of the new governor contrary to the former one who opposed any “settlement” process of this kind. If this process was to reach its conclusion, it will constitute an initiative that will achieve an outcome about which there had been warnings in the past: a takfiri aperture on the borders of Oman, which had been preserved from the fatuity of Wahhabism for decades…”
    https://mideastwire.com/page/articleFree.php?id=65724 12 Jan 18

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