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  1. Oliver Miles

    Ali Abbas al-Ahmad, a Saudi analyst and director of the Institute for Gulf affairs in Washington, has tweeted a comment on Ramadan:
    In our diverse country our people start Ramadan according to their respective religious authority. Most Sunnis & all Salafi/Wahhabi adherents follow the government Wahhabi religious body in start & end of the fasting month. Shia Arabs do not follow the Saudi state writ on Ramadan but follow their respective Ayatollahs, in Iraq, Kuwait & Iran. This means the start & end dates can vary by up to 2 days following the various methods many Ayatollahs use. The Ismaili Fatimids in #Najran & across the country follow the ancient #Fatimid calendar & maybe the best & most stable way to fast & celebrate Eid. The #Saudi government bans Ismaili Fatimids from celebrating the end of Ramadan – Eid – if it falls a day ahead of the government’s. They are forced to pray Eid with the Saudi govt.

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