1 thought on “Qatar: government reshuffle, no fireworks”

  1. Good stuff generally. However, I think your writers got AlJazeera America’s closing wrong. I have been following commentary here and outside the US. AlJazeera America simply cost too much and the future looked to continue a loss. I have yet to see a single piece of Saudi or UAE commentary that targeted AlJazeera America as opposed to the larger AlJazeera effort worldwide.
    in fact, to be cynical the Saudis should have wished AlJazeera America to continue operating. It burdened the entire system heavily and had a very small number of people who watched it. And, furthermore, it rarely if ever could be accused of attacking Saudi Arabia or UAE. The rest of AlJazeera, which Riyadh still fears, remains intact.

    Unhappily, Aljazeera America fell victim to what a very senior executive of a very large American cable provider told me: “AlJazeera is a first rate 24/7 news channel. In America, there is no market for a first rate 24/7 news channel.

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