1 thought on “Qatar dispute blunders on”

  1. A couple of thoughts for you:
    Qatar: A client of mine has responsibility for Qatar but is based in
    Bahrain. To visit Qatar a flight must be taken either to Oman or Kuwait and
    then on to Qatar and in reverse on the return trip. The current cost in the
    light of this is about 10 times more!
    Israel: There is absolutely no doubt that the GCC in general is now
    receptive to some approaches from Israeli companies. I am aware of one such
    company that I am led to believe is right now about to obtain business in
    the UAE; a GCC contact who has been to Israel on at least four occasions in
    the near past with the blessing of his masters; and am told by a former
    British army officer doing business in the region that being an Israeli
    company seems not to be a hindrance to the doing of business within the

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