President Rouhani visits Baghdad

Summary: a successful visit with an unprecedented call on Iraq’s top cleric who sent a message of moderation to both Iraq and Iran.

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1 thought on “President Rouhani visits Baghdad”

  1. It’s worth remembering that Gr Ay al-Sistani is a Persian himself; Muqtada’ al-Sadr used to mock al-Sistani’s formal Arabic back in 2004.
    More importantly, al-Sistani is a Quietist, the diametrical opposite of the vilayet-e faqih of Khomeini and Khamene’i. This meeting may be an endorsement of Rouhani against the hardline Activist Ebrahim Raisi, recently appointed Head of the Judiciary – and possibly successor to Khamene’i.
    It’s also possible that al-Sistani is marja’ to Rouhani, as he is to many within and without Iran.

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