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  1. Bahrain: New duties were introduced on alcoholic drinks as well. Initially 250% (or some say 300%) duty was imposed early in 2018 but whilst I was there in early March the figure was reduced to 150%. Whether it has subsided further since then I know not. (As an aside a bottle of Pino Grigio at the Intercon cost me the equivalent of GBP66!!!!)
    Also, Bahrain has yet to introduce VAT – it was intended originally that it be introduced early in 2017 but remains outstanding despite the suggestion it was to be introduced in January this year but as far as I am aware it has yet to be imposed.
    Bahrain did have to ration cigarette sales as Saudis were driving over to buy in bulk due to the imposition of VAT at home!
    Oman: A British resident in Oman tells me that many expatriates have been leaving over the past 12 months due in part to lower salaries but also to much reduced allowances.
    Also Oman: The country is deriving some financial benefit from the Qatar versus 4 as anyone from the four wishing to travel to Qatar must do so through either Oman or Kuwait and flight connections are not always convenient necessitating stopovers. A representative of a client of mine has to visit Qatar at least once a month and instead of travelling there and back in a day it now takes her up to three, maybe four days.

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